Keaton Applebaum

director + editor


Hello! My name is Keaton Applebaum.

I am an award winning film student at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.  I used to play guitar in a few bands, and for many years, I thought music was going to be my future.  Although I liked performing, I could tell it wasn’t my passion so I decided to try something new. Filmmaking! I shot my first film on a flip camera (remember those?) and I was instantly hooked.  Since then I’ve written, directed, and edited more than 150 projects, and I love what I do! I find each and every project I work on to be both challenging and rewarding.



I can't wait to work with you!

Keaton has a mature knowledge of the complicated and intricate art form of editing. He understands that editing is not just putting together a combination of shots to disclose information, it is about communicating emotion.
— David Kellogg, Director (Inspector Gadget)
Keaton is a truly talented director/editor. Every person he works will tell you the same thing. He works great with actors and crew. He doesn’t just have a passion for telling great stories, he has a compulsion!
— David Air, Actor
Keaton has great editing instincts and a great internal clock… he’s an awesome editor!
— Gary Rose, CEO and Founder of GO Film
He excels at seamless scene integration, visual effects, music and sound editing as well as rhythm & timing. Along with his undeniable talent, Keaton is a perfectionist. He constantly strives to deliver the best product he can and always met or surpassed the deadlines I gave him.
— Lucas Rossi, CEO and Founder of Lucas Rossi Photography